Contract / pet Services

for The Dog Ranch Hotel & Day-care

You agree to the following:

That your dog is (are) in good health and have not been ill with any communicable condition in the last 30 days.

That your dog(s) have not harmed or shown aggressive or threatening behaviour toward any person or any other dog.

I agree my dog(s) are up to date with their vaccinations including kennel cough, are wormed and de-flea and are in good general health.

I have read and understand the following:

The client must inform the owners of ‘The Dog Ranch’ of any pet behavioural issues/traits at the consultation stage. Failure to inform may result in your dog being refused membership.

The owner agrees that their dog is not aggressive or unwell, and will not put any other dog or person at risk. If so the owner agrees to take full responsibility and cover any costs including vet bills and/or legal cost.

As we are a kennel free premises and for the wellbeing and safety of all, The Dog Ranch Day-care and Socialised boarding does not accept aggressive animals.

The Dog Ranch will not accept intact Males unless under the age of 7months old.

Emergency contact details for both the client and the vet must be provided. In the event of an emergency, appropriate action will be taken to contact the client. In the event of client unavailability; appropriate action will be taken by us with the assistance of a veterinarian where necessary.

For Health and Safety all dogs must be fully vaccinated including kennel cough. Vaccination cards must be brought on arrival at the consultation and each overnight visit otherwise we cannot accept entry to our facility. A copy of all vaccination cards will be kept on file. We recommend you worm your dog every 3 months, have regular flea treatment and proof of this and that your dog good health from your vet is also required.

We recommend that all dogs have collars & Identification tags to include their name and owners contact details. It is also advisable to micro-chip your dog for identity purposes.

The client understand and agree that there are inherent risks involved while dogs are in a social, pack environment and/or engaging in dog play and related activities (the "Activities "), and as the dog owner agree to assume all risk and liability associated with such Activities and your pet's participation therein.

The Dog Ranch strongly recommends that owners insure their pets in the event of any injury or illness. The following insurance companies we recommend

The client/dog owner is responsible for all veterinary, grooming, additional boarding fees and any other additional costs whilst in the care of The Dog Ranch.

Overtime & collections:

Collections and new arrivals for boarders at the centre on Saturday are at 2pm or by appointment.

Collections and new arrivals on Sundays & Bank holiday Monday are at the centre at 2pm or by arranged appointment when possible. If collections cannot be made at the arranged time collections alternatively will be held during the Day-care week’ (Monday – Friday)

There are no collections after 6.15pm. At this time all dogs will come home with us and board in our home boarding until collection the next day.

As dogs in our care are never left unattended, collections on Saturdays and Sundays must be arranged at a set time around the dogs feeding and rest time. This is a safety policy and our collection times are arranged for this reason.

Payment for Doggie Day-care: Payment for Day Care is required at the start of the attendance week. On arrival of your dog’s first day all owners must sign in and payment is required for that agreed weekly attendance otherwise spaces may not be guaranteed. We will when possible accommodate last minute bookings but please text or call prior to arriving so we can confirm a space is available.

Payment for Hotel Socialised Boarding: Advance bookings will only be confirmed with a 50% deposit otherwise your dog is not guaranteed a place at The Ranch .The balance must be paid in full on dropping your dog off on arrival day. For last minute or late bookings full payment is required on dropping your dog off at ‘The Dog Ranch’ and any additional charges that may incur during your dog’s stay must be fixed up on collection day. We recommend you bring your own food for your dog so as to avoid any stomach upset. You can otherwise avail of our feeding service at an additional charge of €3 a day. We will administer any medication your dog needs at no extra cost.

*Payment method : We currently have no credit card or laser facilities in store but are set up to take payments through our website payment page. .

We will be set up to accept cards instore in the near future.

*Cheques can only be accepted if received 4 weeks prior to arrival day- Cheques made payable to The Dog Ranch.

The Temperament Assessment : the agreed assessment fee of €40 must be paid for at the completion of your Dogs Assessment in our Day Care & Behaviour Centre with the attendance of the owner and their dog. Once the booking form and initial consultation is competed the owner agrees not to be present during the assessment of their dog so as not to cause any distraction to them, which will result in the dog not giving the handler his/her undivided attention resulting in your dog being unfairly assessed. The assessment fee include 2 FREE day-care days, one on the day of the assessment and the other must be used in that same week.

The behavioural assessment is not a complex one for your pet but a very important part of the safe running of The Dog Ranch. To ensure all dogs are safe no exceptions will be made.

A temperament test is a series of planned exercise designed to assess a dogs potential for any aggressive behaviour while determining the current level of social development to ensure that he or she is not aggressive and can interact and play well with other dogs and people, without posing a danger to itself or others.

Insurance You agree that you have or intend to take out pet insurance for your dog/s and inform the owners of the Dog Ranch with the details. If no pet insurance is taken out you the owner agrees to cover all costs that may incur with your dog/s. Our Commitment to You: The Dog Ranch will endeavour to ensure your pet is well cared for in your absence and treated like part of the family, and we promise to keep you updated by with daily photos and if possible videos through Facebook

We aim to meet the highest standards of dog care in the course of operating as a pet care company, and we promise to use all reasonable endeavours in providing a ‘home from home’ facility for your dog/s, based on the information provided by you in the Booking Form. We promise that dogs will have 24hr supervision at all times with no exceptions.

The Dog Ranch cannot be held liable for any loss, injury, illness or Act of God to a pet inside or outside the home. The Dog Ranch agrees to provide professional pet care services to the client in a reliable, trustworthy and caring manner.

Material Disclosure about your Dog

The Client undertakes to make full and complete disclosure in the Booking Form all relevant information given to The Dog Ranch in connection with the health of the Client’s Pet, any known or potential risks regarding Client’s Pet or Client’s residence or the environment where the Dog Ranch will provide services to Client’s Pet, and whether the dog suffers from a behavioural disorder or characteristic which might render your dog unsuitable for home boarding including, but not limited to, health problems, antisocial behaviour including aggression, separation anxiety, unspayed bitches in season, tendency to run away or escape on walks or in the home, incontinence/lack of housetraining, destructive behaviour inside or outside the home, or excessive loud barking/whining etc.

If the client’s dog has a history of biting or any other aggressive behaviour, The Dog Ranch reserves the right to refuse service to day-care & socialised boarding. We will however offer you options in our Behaviour Centre.

The Dog Ranch will not be liable for the medical care expenses and damages incurred by anyone who is in contact with Client’s Pet. Animal bites or any aggressive behaviour by Client’s dog will be duly compensated by the Client alone. Failure on your part to disclose in the Booking Form any matter which in our view might render your dog unsuitable for day care and boarding will be deemed a material omission amounting to a fundamental breach of this agreement, entitling us to terminate the agreement forthwith.


If Client’s dog becomes ill while under The Dog Ranch’s care, the Client authorises us to use our best judgment to determine whether the client’s dog needs to be transported to our veterinarian. We reserve the right to make decisions regarding your pet provided we are at all times acting in the best interests of your pet and on the advice of a veterinary surgeon. The Dog Ranch will make every effort to contact the Client in case of an emergency and if necessary will utilise The Dog Ranch’s local and preferred Veterinary Clinic

The Client hereby releases The Dog Ranch from any and all liabilities associated with transportation or treatment of their dog, any and all claims by third parties or any other related expenses.

Veterinary Fees: You agree that we will take your dog to a veterinary surgeon if we suspect he or she is not well, and you agree to accept full responsibility for payment of any veterinary fees incurred.

*Requirements before Delivery*

Arrivals and Departures: are arranged by appointment only so as not to disrupt training and Day Care programme.

For Day-care An important factor is to please make sure your dog has gone ‘toilet’ before arriving at the centre. Even though all dogs will still go during the day in day-care this will lessen the amount and remove the chance of accidents at reception. Owners must take responsibility for any accidents that may happen once in the reception area. If your dog has any vomiting or diarrhoea and are unwell please do not bring your dog to Day-care

*On Arrival Collars and leads must be worn on arrival to The Dog Ranch & supplied by the owner. Dogs are not allowed enter the premises off leash.No personal toys, bedding or blankets so as to avoid guarding behaviour of their own personal items. *Condition of Dog on delivery: You undertake to deliver your dog to us in a clean condition and be up to date with vaccinations including kennel cough, worming and deflea treatments.

Please note that all dogs must be on a collar on lead on arrival and remain so at Reception. You are responsible for your dog at reception and if your dog has an accident please make use of our poop bags which are on display.

*Cancellations & Refunds (Boarding & Pre-paid Day-care) We adhere to a strict policy of NO OVERBOOKING and NO OVERCROWDING. Therefore, once you have contracted services and booked your dog’s Vacation by paying a deposit we will turn away business in order to accommodate you and book your dog’s place in our Camp. Therefore all members must give a minimum of 3 weeks notice for cancellations otherwise the deposit may be forfeited. For ‘no shows’ or cancellations less than 48 hours, a full charge will also apply.

The Dog Ranch Luxury Boarding:

If you wish your dog to be part of our Hotel Boarding and they have passed the initial assessment we recommend your enrol them in Day Care to for at least a day and a night prior to their stay to ensure they are comfortable and not under any stress.

Cancellations of 30 days’ notice are required for long weekends or holiday peak periods like June to August, Christmas and Easter etc., and prices will vary according to these peak times. Holiday rates will be advertised on our website and displayed in the centre.

In order to receive a full service credit or refund, Clients must adhere to these cancellation times.

Note: If you are a regular client we will be as understanding and accommodating as possible with regards to these terms.

Arrival and collections are by appointment only and are arranged around the day-care programme.

Times may change but we will inform you of any changes made to the following

There are no arrivals or collections on Sunday’s or bank holiday Monday before 12pm

Day-care opening hours are Monday – Friday 8am to 6pm and Saturday classes will vary.

Saturday Collection and arrivals are at 2pm and are arranged around the dogs feeding and rest period Collections and arrivals will only be arranged in the Centre located in The Kilmore Business Park. Overtime collections Monday to Friday’s are charged at an additional €5 up to 6.15pm. After this time all dogs will come home and stay with us and our pack at The Dog Ranch Home Boarding and collected from the Centre the following day by 10am. Collections after 10am will be charged at a full Day-care rate of €15

Saturdays: we are open for Social Hour, Agility, Training, Assessments and Behaviour Consults which are all by appointment and classes will be on a pre-book basis. Please respect that there can be a lot of dogs in our care and so collections and arrival times must be done around the programme. If there are any problems making these times please let us know and we will do our best to re-schedule accordingly.

The safety & Security of our Clients dogs are of the upmost importance to us, for this reason the public will never be allowed to roam around the Day-care centre while dogs are playing.

Doors are locked at all times after drop offs, and assessments are by appointment only so as not to disrupt the training and day-care schedule.